NEWBERY, SC, 29108

PHONE: (803) 276-0330




  • If you have any questions about our variety of bag feeds or all of our selections at our Retails store give us a call.

Retail Store: (803) 276-0330

  •  If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, don’t count us out. Give our feed mill a call and talk to our mill manager Hal. He can help you figure out what feed is best for your situation and tell you what to try out.

Feed Mill Office: (803) 276-6200

  • If you are looking at the possibility of getting bulk delivered to your farm or to place a bulk order give Will a call and he will get you set up for a delivery.

Will: (803) 768-7775

  • If you have a question about horses or one of our horse feeds, please give Ron a call.
  • If you are looking for a store near you that carries our Carolina Choice feeds, please visit our store page or call Ron.

Ron: (803) 944-9885